At the Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights, we operate on a purely voluntary basis, which unfortunately means that we cannot devote to it the resources we would wish to. Every addition to our effort is dearly welcomed and in fact needed.

Unfortunately, and in order to maintain our credibility, we enforce a strict policy whereby only Muslims are added as authors. We do not intend to be exclusionary, and welcome support from individuals all across the globe, but our reliability and trustworthiness before our audience are our most valuable assets.

However, authoring articles is not the only aspect involved in our work. If you are proficient in either Arabic or Farsi, you are welcome to lend us support through assisting us in translating material to and from English.

While we have been successful in reaching our message out to a global audience, it is our local populations whom we truly wish to address, and that requires breaking the language barrier.

And although we try to keep on the lookout for news stories dealing with the Baha’is minority in Muslim-majority countries, there are stories which would inevitably escape our attention. If you run across an article, a report, a video, etc. which you believe deserves to be brought to wider attention, send it to us through email, through our Facebook page, or via Twitter.

The kind encouragement of our supporters and readers is truly appreciated, and we extend our thanks you all.

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