What is the Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights?
It’s a network where Muslims try to create a peaceful atmosphere in our societies (mainly the Middle East) for Baha’is to practice their faith freely. For decades now Baha’is within the region have had their rights abused, with most Muslims remaining silent to this day, and through this initiative we aim to change that.

Who is behind this initiative?
This network is composed of Arab and Iranian Muslim students and interfaith activists (through Mideast Youth) who do not approve of Baha’i human rights abuses within the Arab and Muslim world. We took it upon ourselves to do something about it, and we accept the risks and responsibilities behind setting up such a network to help and support our Baha’i brethren.

Why did you set up this network?
Religious freedom is not a privilege, it’s an inalienable human right. We choose to fight for it by addressing the often ignored and underrepresented Baha’i issue of the region.

You are Muslims, why do you care about Baha’is?
Islam inspires us to fight for individual freedom regardless of any religious differences. We believe in tolerance, respect, unity, and understanding. Despite our differing beliefs, we consider Baha’is to be our brothers and sisters who deserve to practice their faith yet live peacefully with us.

Are there any Baha’is writing with you?
This blog is set up, written, paid for and provided by independent Muslim students who are the same founders of the Mideast Youth project. Baha’is did not have anything to do with the creation of this space except to offer their support and admiration of the effort, which we are extremely thankful for. We think that this is the beginning of a great merge between Baha’is and Muslims in Arab and Muslim countries, where Baha’is currently don’t have equal (or any) rights.

Do you think this will work?
This is just a start for us. Our dreams go way beyond this website. We took this first step and hope to take 10 more each day until our simple demands are met.

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