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original 30 Nov

Egypt’s Minister of Education Denies Baha’is Right to Education

Much has changed in Egypt, but much has stayed the same. On November 30th Egyptian education minister Ibramim Deif gave an interview to the Egyptian n…

egypt-religion-chaos 10 Apr

Baha’is of Egypt Address Fellow Countrymen Following the Revolution

In an open letter to fellow Egyptians, the Baha’is of Egypt proposed a number of suggestions for the betterment of Egypt at this critical juncture, ba…

religion-politics 17 Mar

Podcast: The religious minorities in Egypt after Jan. 25th

What’s like to belong to a religious minority in Egypt after January 25th? Will the long history of oppression get worsened or relieved? To bett…

y199570111728796 23 Feb

Baha’i Homes Set on Fire Again in Egypt – UPDATED

The Egyptian paper Youm 7 reported yesterday that two homes of Baha’is were set on fire in Shuraniya village, in the Sohag governorate. The group of p…

elbaradei 14 Apr

ElBaradei Presses Need to Formally Recognize the Baha’i Faith as a Religion in Egypt

Below is a translation of a recent report published on

Dr. Muhammad ElBaradei, former Director General of the International Atomic…

Al-Qaudhaoui 22 Sep

Al-Qaradawi: Muslim-Baha’i Marriage is Wrong

Below is a translation of a recently published report on the Egyptian news portal

Al-Qaradawi: the marriage of a Muslim man to a Baha’i w…

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