5 Best Speakers For An Outdoor Party 2022 - Top Picks

A successful outdoor party requires only three things: food, company, and music to keep the enthusiasm up. Every good host understands that the speaker on your phone or laptop isn’t going to cut it, but putting up a sophisticated sound system outside isn’t necessary - especially when there are so many portable, rechargeable loudspeakers designed to keep a charge for an extended period, rain or shine.

Today, in a world where every need has a market, brilliant brains continue to invent and improve gadgets that provide the best quality items to meet consumers’ desires. They introduced speakers to the market, not just regular speakers but portable wireless speakers as well. This post will walk you through the best speaker for an outdoor party on the market.

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Editor Choice #3 Best Budget: JBL PARTYBOX 100
Editor's Rating: 9.4
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Buying Guide

Battery Life

Battery life is one of the essential elements of any portable gadget. You’ll need a Bluetooth speaker to keep the music and sound going. It might be puzzling to take the speaker out for the day only to discover that it has died after a few hours. The good news is that most Bluetooth speakers have a battery life of 6 to 10 hours. Other speakers have a battery life of up to 24 hours. Battery life of at least 10 hours should be a good starting point.

Sound Quality

Many Bluetooth speaker purchasers make the mistake of selecting one that offers a mediocre sound. It is not recommended that you choose one that comes with a simple speaker and low sound specifications. You should get a speaker that provides the stereo sound as well as some bass. Many of the finest Bluetooth speakers for parties include a subwoofer and decent bass output. It is informative to seek one that provides for these qualities.


Water-resistant speakers are now being developed. It goes without saying that if you want to buy one, you should seek this feature. Water resistance may look unneeded to you, but it comes in useful at the end of the day. This does not imply that you must use the speaker near the ocean before it is considered helpful. Accidents, such as a splash, can happen, and this function could be your speaker's saving grace. In conclusion, the waterproof process reduces the likelihood that your speaker is damaged.


Over the last few years, there have been numerous large and unsightly speakers in the history of speakers. To prevent a variety of issues, choose speakers that are both well-designed and portable. Your Bluetooth speaker does not have to be built to appear like a NASA space shuttle, but it should be constructed appropriately. A lightweight speaker ensures that your speaker is portable and easy to transport.


In the past, speakers were produced at a high cost. It is still possible; there are low-cost alternatives on the market. You do not need to spend a bunch to get an excellent speaker. You should be able to get a well-designed Bluetooth speaker with long battery life at a reasonable price.


Modern speakers are outfitted with advanced Bluetooth versions. If the transmitting device you will be connecting to is an older version, you may have some issues. As a result, you must check that the speaker is compatible with earlier versions.

In addition, several companies provide their devices with a micro USB or USB output connector. These become used to charging the equipment while also installing specific updates to avoid compatibility concerns.


It is worth noting that this capability is only available in a few Bluetooth speakers. It is increasingly prevalent with Wi-Fi-enabled home speakers. It is perfect for those who want to produce more surround sound. Because the sound emanates from the exact location, using a single speaker may not enable this. 

However, if you place speakers at different places, you will be able to overcome this problem. Several speaker devices have mobile applications that allow users to control the connection of many speakers to do this.


We live in a day and age where everyone appears to be in a rush. Our everyday activities cause us to desire to complete tasks as quickly as possible, which means we don't have time for ourselves. As a result, the easier it is for you to handle your speaker, the better. Most consumers may not have all the time in the world to spend reading instructions before utilizing a product.

You'll need some knobs on the speaker that will allow you to do some basic operations. Volume control, a power button, and a dial for answering phone calls are among the features.

Top 5 Best speakers for an outdoor party

Editor Choice #1 Best overall Speaker: JBL PartyBox 300
Editor's Rating
Editor's Rating: 9.8

This considerable party speaker comes with a built-in telescopic handle and wheels, and it's certified IPX4 for water resistance so that you can use it outside. It also has adjustable RGB lighting and a 12V DC connection to charge the speaker using your car's lighter port.

This speaker features a boomy sound profile that can generate low-bass when the Bass Boost button is set to '1', so you can experience the resounding thud and rumble in bass-heavy songs like EDM or hip-hop. Its volume can quickly fill a big packed area, and it can even become significantly louder when hooked into a power source.

It has 'Mic' and 'Mic or Guitar' inputs, as well as karaoke-related options, and it can be linked to many additional units, making it an excellent party speaker.

Unfortunately, some compression artifacts are present at the maximum level, so your audio may not sound as clean during louder listening sessions. It also lacks a visual EQ and presets, making it impossible to modify its sound.

Editor Choice #2 Best Loud Speaker For Parties: SOUNDBOKS (Gen.3)
Editor's Rating
Editor's Rating: 9.6

This speaker comes with a detachable metal grille that can be swapped out for different styles and colors. While it is relatively huge, it has built-in handles on both sides to aid with transportation. It also has a replaceable battery that can last an impressive 43 hours on a single charge; however, battery life might vary based on usage, so your results may vary.

Our tests can grow deafening, reaching a maximum volume level of 110dB, and its sound can quickly fill a big crowded room. It has a very long low-bass range so that you can feel the resounding thud and rumble in bass-heavy songs like EDM or hip-hop. It can also generate a high-treble that is viewed as bright and dazzling, and it has a graphic EQ and presets to let you tailor its sound to your preferences. It also has two XLR inputs for connecting instruments such as a guitar, DJ mixer, or microphone.

Unfortunately, there are many compression artifacts present at maximum volume, so your music may not sound as clean and clear. It also requires two units to play stereo music and downmix stereo audio to mono when used alone, resulting in a less immersive sound. That being said, if you're looking for a speaker to utilize during loud events, it's one of the loudest speakers available.

Editor Choice #3 Best Budget: JBL PARTYBOX 100
Editor's Rating
Editor's Rating: 9.4

Consider the JBL PartyBox 100 if you want a party speaker with a superior soundstage performance. While it isn't as powerful as the SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) and isn't as adjustable, the JBL offers a broader, more open soundstage and can play stereo content without downmixing it mono. 

This party speaker features RGB lights and mic and guitar inputs, making it ideal for parties. It also features built-in carrying handles and is more portable due to its reduced size. While it cannot reach as loud as the SOUNDBOKS, it has considerably fewer compression artifacts at the maximum level, giving in cleaner and clearer-sounding audio at higher volumes.

It may also be linked to two devices simultaneously, which helps switch between audio sources. If you're searching for a speaker that can create deeper bass, consider the SOUNDBOKS. However, if you prefer a party speaker with a larger and more immersive soundstage, go with the JBL.

The Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM is the most incredible portable party speaker we've tested. This battery-powered speaker comes with a carrying strap to make moving it more manageable. It's well-made and has an IPX4 water-resistant rating (though we don't presently test for this), so you can easily take it outside with you. It also has a room correction feature that changes the speaker’s sound based on the acoustics of your environment.

Its room correction feature switched on offers a neutral sound profile and is suited for listening to a wide range of audio content and music genres. It struggles, though, to recreate the resounding thud and rumble in low-bass that lovers of bass-heavy music like. Fortunately, the companion app has a visual EQ and presets that you can use to tailor its sound to your liking. Furthermore, it can become deafening with negligible compression at maximum volume, resulting in clear audio while listening to higher volume levels.

Unfortunately, this speaker does not have any inputs for connecting additional microphones or instruments. It also lacks RGB lighting, unlike other party speakers we've tested.

Consider the Sony XG500 for a compact party speaker with RGB lighting. While it doesn't get as loud, and its soundstage isn't as natural as the Ultimate Ears HYPERBOOM, the Sony includes RGB lights surrounding its passive radiators on the sides that you can modify in its companion app. 

The Sony has a microphone/guitar, which may appeal to musicians. You may also connect your gadgets to the speaker via the AUX input. It's also compatible with the Fiestable app, which you may use to access and control other party capabilities of this speaker, though we didn't try this.

It has a reasonably boomy sound profile when the 'MEGA BASS' function is activated, but it struggles to recreate the thud and rumble in low-bass. Fortunately, the accompanying app has a visual EQ and presets that you may use to customize its sound.

Become the Ultimate Ears if you want a portable speaker with a good soundstage that can get loud at gatherings. However, if having a speaker with programmable RGB lights and a mic/guitar input is essential to you, the Sony should be considered instead.

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Our choices above are what we believe are the best speakers for outdoor parties for most individuals to buy right now, based on their needs. We consider pricing (cheaper speakers prevail over costlier ones if the difference isn't worth it), visitor comments, and availability.

If you want to see more items, here is a list of all our speaker reviews, sorted by maximum volume. Be cautious not to become engrossed in the minutiae. Personal taste, preference, and listening habits will play a more significant role in your choice.

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