ILO expresses concern over economic repression of Iranian Baha’is (Baha’i World News Service – Aug 1st)

The International Labor Organization released a statement this month expressing “deep concern” over the persecution of Iranian Baha’is after a report they released in June revealed that the situation of Baha’is in Iran has only worsened in recent years. After interviewing workers, employers and government representatives, ILO “urged the Government [of Iran] to take decisive action to combat discrimination against ethnic minorities and unrecognized religious minorities, in particular, the Baha’is” in its report.

Sentences of the Khalusi sisters go to review (Sen’s Daily – Aug 8th)

Nika and Nava Khalusi, who were charged in May for “membership of the Bahai organisation, participation in illegal Bahai activities, and propaganda in favour of the Bahais and against the regime of the Islamic Republic” and sentenced six years & four and a half years in prison, respectively, will have their cases go under review this month. Their files were sent to review court on August 7.

Siamak Iqani released (Sen’s Daily – Aug 9th)

The family of Siamek Iqani welcomed him home after the Baha’i from Senman served a three-year sentence in a Senman prison for “propaganda against the regime and Baha’i propaganda”. While in prison, Iqani suffered crippling respiratory attacks which put his life at risk and forced the authorities to grant him a 10-day furlough. Unfortunately, his wife, Anisa Fana’eyan, will not be home to greet him, as she was recently imprisoned as well, to serve a 22-month sentence for “adherence to and teaching the Baha’i Faith”. The husband and wife have two children who were taken away upon Fana’eyan’s imprisonment.


Saeid Rezaie transferred back to prison from hospital despite needing aftercare (HRIRAN – Aug 9th)

Saeid Rezaie was hospitalized only two weeks ago for a gastronomical disorder, but authorities are already transferring him back to Raja’i Shahr prison. Rezaie, who is one seven Baha’i leaders sentenced to 20 years, recently underwent heart surgery and doctors ordered one month of post-operation care — which has been cut short by his return to prison.