Seventy Seven guilty verdicts issued by appeals courts (HRIRAN – May 29th)

In the past year, the appeals courts has issued 77 guilty verdicts, many of those cases involving Baha’i citizens. There’s a list at the link.

Four Baha’i citizens were sentenced to 152 months imprisonment (Sen’s Daily – May 31st)

The group sentenced includes sisters Nika and Nava Kholoose, Adib Sho’aie, and Mahsa Mahdavi. They’re carved with disseminating “propaganda against the regime” and participating in Baha’i organizations.

Baha’i Citizens interrogated upon return to Iran (HRANA – May 31st)

Iranian intelligence officers have been interrogating Baha’is as the airport as they return home from Turkey. Their belongings, including their laptops, cellphones and other electronics, were searched.

Two Bahais sentenced in Shiraz (Sen’s Daily – June 1st)

Baha’i citizens Hamid Eslami and Rahman Vafa’i were sentenced to three years in prison each and charged with the crime of “propaganda against the regime” and “membership in Baha’i organizations.” They were arrested in Shiraz on July 14th, 2012.


Katrina Lantos Swett: Why the Baha’i 7 Matter (CNN)

“Baha’is in Iran have done no harm to their country, pose no threat to its people, and seek only to live in peace and worship in accordance with their conscience. As June elections approach, the world should demand that Iran free all Baha’is and drop the charges made against them on account of their faith. Iran should rescind every law permitting Baha’is to be killed with impunity, and Baha’is should be allowed to practice their faith fully.”

Zachery M. Heern: Iran’s Human Rights Crisis and the Baha’i Faith (YourMiddleEast)

“Iran’s systematic campaign to repress Baha’is is organized both nationally and locally. Understandably, most international coverage of Iran’s human rights abuses focuses on high profile national cases. However, local abuse also appears to be on the rise.”

James Rhodes: Egypt and Iran: Persecuting Bahai and Christian Coptic Women (LA Progressive)

“We were forbidden to pray or have any interaction with the Muslim prisoners. If we were caught talking to each other, we were beaten. We were blindfolded and forced onto the floor with our feet elevated where they were struck with hoses and wood until they swelled to the point where we could not walk; but, they forced us to walk and when we fell down they would laugh and beat us some more…”