Some of our frequent readers may remember Foad from the interview we conducted with him a few months ago. To quote a piece of that interview:

My name is Foad. I was born in one of the little towns of the Mazandaran province, which is located in Northern Iran in June 1987 (month of Khordad, year 1366 according to the Iranian calendar), but I was brought up in Tehran. Due to the numerous problems Baha’is face in furthering their education in Iran, I took refuge in Turkey when I was 16, and at the moment I am a student of electrical engineering in the USA. From the early years of my childhood, I have adored Iranian traditional music, and I play Persian musical instruments. However, at the moment I find that the Rap genre is best suited for me to express my inner feelings. My efforts are mostly focused on addressing the problems of religious and ethnic minorities – especially the Baha’is – through my songs.

We are extremely flattered to say that Foad has liked our latest video so much that he turned it into a rap song of its own, keeping the scenes, remixing the music, and adding relevant vocals to the background. The result is amazing and you may listen to it here:

You may download the audio here.

If you would like to find out more about him, please read this interview.