A few months ago at Mideast Youth, we wrote about the Bitfilm Festival, whom we are a partner with, to give attention to some digital mash-ups that we have done in the past few years. All but one of these videos have to do with Baha’i human rights abuses in Iran and Egypt.

This morning, the Bitfilm Festival’s website just started accepting votes. Four of our videos are currently competing for an award for the “Politicool” category.

We hope you will register and vote for us! We worked very hard on our videos and hope you can take the time to appreciate them, as it really helped spread the message about Baha’i human rights abuses in a creative, sometimes satirical way.

Our videos are the following:

  • Iran’s New Voice
  • Persepolis 2 (Trailer) – Safeguard the Innocent
  • Egypt Tourism Ad
  • We have nothing else to count on but your vote! Please register and vote for us, and help spread the word by requesting that others do so via Twitter, Facebook or your own blog! The deadline for voting is the 24th of September.