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3 Nov

Video of the destruction of cemetery in Ghaemshahr

Human Rights Activists in Iran has posted a video of the recent destruction of a Baha’i cemetery in the Iranian town of Ghaemshahr.

According t…

27 Oct

Desecration of cemetery in Ghaemshahr, Iran

Less than a month after the desecration of the Baha’i cemetery in Isfahan, Human Rights Activists in Iran reports that the Baha’i cemetery in  the to…

3 Oct

Cutting down the trees of the Baha’i Cemetery of Isfahan

The desecration of cemeteries has always been used as a tactic to supress and offend, and Iran’s Bahai minority has faced this abuse for decades.


14 Nov

Video Clip: Persecuting the Dead

We first reported on the destruction of the Baha’i Cemetery of Najaf-Abad (just outside of the central town of Isfahan) on a September 17 posting. T…

2 Nov

Iran: Violation of the dead

From a mailing list:
The government officials in the city of Najafabad , in Isfahan have allocated a certain area on the mountains for Baha’is to bur…

21 Sep

The IRI’s campaign against Baha’is continues

The Baha’i World News Service published a recent report concerning the most recent destruction of Baha’i cemeteries in Iran (also noted earlier here.)…

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