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3 Feb

Baha’is speak on Egyptian TV

After the disappointing postponement issued by Egypt’s Supreme Administrative Court yesterday, Dr. Raouf Hindi, father of the twins Nancy and Imad who…

14 Jan

Egypt’s Baha’is anxiously await final verdicts

It was only in 1924 that the Baha’i Faith first gained legal recognition as an independent religion by a Muslim-majority country, and that country was…

13 Dec

The Fourth Faith’s Struggle for Existence

Ethar El-Katatney, a young Egyptian journalist, wrote a comprehensive and informative article on the ongoing struggle of Egypt’s Baha’is to attain the…

27 Oct

Egyptian cleric affirms that no evidence links Baha’is to Zionism

The following article is a translation of a report published by Copts United

In an unprecedented move that represents a positive development in the…

10 Sep

Interview with an Egyptian Baha’i

Recently, Al Masry Al Youm interviewed Dr. Basma Moussa, an outspoken Egyptian Baha’i. The interview covered a diverse range of subjects, from the his…

15 Jul

Department of Civil Status leads discrimination against Baha’is

Dr. Basma G. Moussa, a leading Egyptian Baha’i blogger, and Assistant Professor at the prestigious Cairo University, wrote an article for the left-le…

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