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27 Feb

Report by HRA Iran sheds background, provides updates on detained Baha’i leaders

Via Human Rights Activists in Iran
This article will share some background information and provide an update on the condition of the seven detained B…

20 Feb

Iranian media claims arrested Baha’is possessed commincations equipment

Via The Huntsville Times
In Shiraz, Iran, the City of Roses, Ruhi Hiebert remembers Saeid Razaie as a teenager laughing and smiling and playing his g…

18 Feb

Interview with sister of detained leader

We cannot even begin to imagine the pain and anguish the family of the detained 7 leaders have had to endure for the past 9 months.  Speaking to RFE/…

17 Feb

Seven friends face revolutionary court

The following article was written by Nazil Ghanea, and appeared in the Guardian’s “Comment is Free”:
Fariba is a 46-year-old psychologist and a mothe…

14 Feb

Final list of signatories

10 days after the initial publication of the open letter in which 42 Iranian intellectuals apologized to the Baha’i community for a century and a half…

11 Feb

7 Baha’i leaders to appear before court next week

As Iran celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, and marks Islamic Revolution Victory Day, Tehran’s deputy prosecutor announced that…

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