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religion-politics 17 Mar

Podcast: The religious minorities in Egypt after Jan. 25th

What’s like to belong to a religious minority in Egypt after January 25th? Will the long history of oppression get worsened or relieved? To bett…

30 Dec


Here we will keep track of all the media coverage of our activities concerning this network:

- BBC Persian (in Farsi), click here for the English t…

7 Sep

Controversy over the Egyptian tourism ad continues

We were rather disappointed by the unexpected reactions from both Muslims and Baha’is to the Egyptian tourism ad video which simply aimed to spread aw…

27 Aug

A Baha’i Perspective: Sorour Payman

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you will have noticed that we regularly feature podcasts from the Baha’i community. Today we are featuring an…

1 Aug

A Baha’i Perspective: Bahman Payman

Another interesting and recent podcast of a Baha’is experiences in Iran:

A Baha’i from Iran who came to the United States to finish his medical sc…

15 Jul

Afghan Baha’is

For those interested in Afghan Baha’is, please read this interesting and informative history of the Baha’i faith in Afghanistan. It’s available in Eng…

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