An Update on the Destruction of the House of Baha’u'llah in Baghdad from the Universal House of Justice (Messages from the Baha’i World Centre – July 17th)

Few details have emerged on the destruction of the house of Baha’u'llah in Baghdad, which happened in June, but the Universal House of Justice released another statement last week finally shedding a little bit of light on the situation. They say the destruction is total — the house was razed “almost to the ground” to make way for the construction of a mosque. The demolition took place over a period of three days and three nights with no legal permit, though it appears to have been a plan long in the making. They also report that the Department of Annuities is looking into the matter and hopefully seeking to halt any construction on the property. They write in their statement:

“In the world at large, it has become all too familiar for a blow of this severity, dealt to a hallowed site, to provoke an aggressive response. The Baha’is of Iraq, trained by the hand of the Abha Beauty, will of course remain the embodiments of kindness and forbearance, hopeful of a just outcome. They are under no illusion as to the magnitude of the loss which they, on behalf of the worldwide Baha’i community and beyond, are being forced to bear. But their eagerness to render service to their society will not be diminished by this calamity, nor will they be any less conscious of the pressing need for the whole of humanity to be acquainted with Baha’u'llah’s teachings.”


Faran Hesami, Kamran Rahimian and their son, Artin

Artin’s Dad Responds To Nourizad From Prison (Tavaana – July 24th)

Last week, Muslim filmaker and former conservative columnist Mohammad Nourizad was applauded for visiting the home of Artin, a young Baha’i boy whose parents are in imprison, and speaking out on the injustices perpetrated by the regime against Baha’is. His mother and father, Faran Hesami and Kamran Rahimian, respectively, are currently serving four years for their involvement in the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education. Rahminian wrote Nourizad a letter following the much-publicized visit:

“Peace means the acceptance of pluralism, and the ability of multiple groups to coordinate in pursuit of a common goal – with that goal being the happiness and comfort of all. Justice means giving every individual the opportunity to make use of all of their capabilities. Freedom means the potential and capacity of a human being to grow, evolve, and prepare for change, in line with the values of humanity, without any exceptions among mankind, and without regard to anything which serves to differentiate us, such as ethnicity, race, nationality, gender, religion, or education. The whole of mankind has been created in God’s image.”