Guilty Verdict in the Murder of John Veira in Suriname (Sen’s Daily – July 4th)

The family of John Veira, a Baha’i from the Republic of Suriname, finally receive closure following the conviction of Sergio Brank, who has been found guilty of Veira’s murder. Brank was sentenced to 18 years in prison for the shooting. Veira, who was shot three times outside of his home in 2010 on the first day of Ridvan, was 59 years old. Unfortunately, there is no information on why Brank was targeted or what motivated his killing.

His son, Jeewan Veira, spoke out about his father’s murder: “My father had integrity. He was in the way for people engaged in shady dealing. Even if you put a bag of dollars in front of him, he woudn’t take it. The only way those people could get past him was by clearing him completely out of the way.”

Baha’i Memorial Service Raided in Tenakbon (Sen’s Daily – July 5th)

A memorial service of about 80 people marking the one-year anniversary of Layli Sobhani’s death was raided by security forces in Tenekabon. Although no one was arrested, but a group of agents invaded the home where the even was being held and abused those attending the servce with anti-Baha’i abuse: “You members of the deviant Bahai cult … you really have no right to meet, you have no right to protest, you don’t even have a right to have a picnic.”

Noura Falah Arrested in Shiraz (Persian Banoo / Twitter – July 8th)

 Falah was previously arrested, along with ten other Baha’is, in February of 2012 in Shiraz and sent to Pelak 100 prison. Her home was also searched and raided and their personal items were confiscated.