The denial of access to education in Iran is a problem, a global problem. Iran thinks it can dictate who is allowed to educated themselves, who is allowed to advance in society, who is allowed to achieve their dreams. And who is not. Not only are Baha’is excluded from higher education simply for their beliefs, but so are political dissidents, musicians and artists, bloggers, and many others. Some of the best and the brightest youth of Iran are forced to either emigrate or forgo higher education; it is all of Iran that will suffer the loss of such potential.

The “Can You Solve This” campaign launched in Berlin and Hamburg over the weekend. Volunteers distributed thousands of postcards, stickers, and even street graffiti to get people to stop and find out what they need to solve.  The QR code scans to the can-you-solve-this website where they can watch the video in German or English and are encouraged to send letters to UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navanethem Pillay, and German Ministor for Foreign Affairs Dr Guido Westerwelle.

QR codes, big and small, have been spread throughout the two cities, and there are plans to launch in cities around the world.

Campaign in action: a passer by scans one of the postcards that links to the site.

The reaction… an education about the denial of education.

The campaign has already reached thousands; besides online pages, postcards, and stickers, volunteers were able to get their message to hundreds of people enjoying a summer concert.

Help spread the word. The campaign video is available in both English and German. Together we can solve this.