You can.
Join the digital campaign for the right of education in Iran.

Thousands of young Baha’is, filled with creative potential, eager to advance their lives and their communities, are stopped at the door by a big problem with the face of the Iranian regime and its track record of violating human rights.

Baha’i youth face incredible challenges at all levels of their education. They are harassed and persecuted in primary and secondary education. Students are threatened with expulsion, or sometimes forced to change their name or conceal their faith. Baha’i youth have been regularly denied access to universities, or what’s worse, allowed access only to have it revoked at the revelation that the student is Bah’ai. An innovative initiative on behalf of the Baha’i community, the Baha’i Institute for Higher Education, was formed in order to fill the gap that the regime’s perseuction was leaving in Baha’i communities. But BIHE has been targeted, it’s leaders and professors arrested, despite how well or effective the university itself may be.

An entire generation is being prevented from being allowed to educate itself. As Baha’i youth are stopped from gaining the skills they need to build successful communities, the cycle of state persecution will only deepen. ”Can you solve this?” is a campaign that aims to bring attention to human rights abuses in Iran. In particular, it focuses on the systematic denial of education which the Iranian government uses as a tool of persecution toward university students.

Can you solve this?