In an open letter to fellow Egyptians, the Baha’is of Egypt proposed a number of suggestions for the betterment of Egypt at this critical juncture, based on the teaching of the Baha’i faith. In the letter, the Baha’is of Egypt express their view that the January 25th uprising demonstrates the collective desire of Egyptians to “exercise greater control over our destiny”. The letter sees the uprising as a sign that Egyptian society has reached a new stage in its development. They add that “the events that have taken place in Egypt can be seen as a response to forces that are, in fact, drawing the entire human race towards greater maturity and interdependence.”

The letter suggests a number of principals for the betterment of Egypt following the revolution. The writers of the letter state that “a mature society demonstrates one feature above all others: a recognition of the oneness of humanity.” Many principles can be derived from “this fundamental truth -the oneness of humanity”. The principles suggested by the Baha’is include the equality between genders – an end to the exclusion of women from full participation of the affairs of the Egyptian nation. Another principle is the importance of education that allows each Egyptian youth to “fulfil their innate potential to contribute to the progress of society.” The corruption afflicting Egypt must be dealt with to allow young people to harness their talent and gain employment “on the basis of merit, not privilege”. The letter also highlights the importance of equality, stating that “the collective resources of the human race should therefore be expended for the benefit of all, not just a fraction. Neglect of this ideal has a particularly destabilizing influence on society, as extremes of wealth and poverty exacerbate existing social tensions and provoke unrest.”

Read the full letter in English or in the original Arabic.