In the last two months there have been nine reported cases of arson targeting Baha’i businesses in Rafsanjan, Iran.

Reports coming from human rights activists in Iran indicate that during November and December 2010 nine arson attacks were carried out targeting Baha’i-owned business. One of the victims was a Muslim owner of a coffee shop who was mistakenly identified as a Baha’i in a newsletter of Mahdi Ma`ud Cultural Foundation, which made him a target. The names of the Baha’is targeted are Siavoch Rushangir (two attacks), Ali Shakir (two attacks), Mahbub Bandi, Mas`ud Mibadi, Iraj Payandeh, Mujid Payandeh and Ali `Amadi. After the previous arson, Ali Shakir took measures to prevent future arson, including renting properties near his electronics store. The assailants managed to set the store on fire again on December 19th by pouring flammable substance through a hole in the ceiling of the store.

Following complaints from Baha’is about this recent string of attacks the leader of Friday prayer in Rafsanjan said: “What right do these Bahais have to complain? They are not even entitled to live.”

Below is a video from the most recent attack filmed by HRANA showing the fire and enormous destruction caused by the attack.