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Dr. Muhammad ElBaradei, former Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who has announced his candidacy for the presidency in Egypt, stressed in a meeting with a delegation of human rights activists, intellectuals and authors in Egypt that the Baha’i religion must be recognized as an official religion in Egypt, within a framework of religious freedom.

Opposing his statement, the Popular Front for the Protection of Egypt contested that the ideas that ElBaradei has voiced and seeks to to implement in Egypt pose a grave threat to Egyptian society. The Front added that such assertions threaten to throw Egypt into a labyrinth of religious, sectarian and ideological confusion, upsetting the order of the divine religions and inviting foreign ideas into their teachings, while attempting to destroy the ideological basis of Egyptian society and disrupt its ideologies. The Front stressed that these ideas are alien to Egyptian society and clearly represent an American agenda. According to the Popular Front for the Protection of Egypt, ElBaradei is a candidate on behalf of the United States sent to brainwash Egyptians and spread ideas that have no place in the framework of his value system, run counter to his beliefs and are incompatible with his religious convictions.

Moreover, according to the Front, ElBaradei’s call to formally recognize the Baha’i Faith as a religion threatens the unity and health of Egyptian society. The Front went on to say in response to ElBaradei’s statement: “Since the Egyptian Constitution recognizes the divine religions as the pure foundational source of all human values, we demand that all of us arise to oppose this attempt to destroy this divine system, an attempt led by criminals financed from abroad, whose real purpose has now been exposed in ElBaradei’s worthless appeal by which he has called for the Constitution to be amended.”