Dorsa Sobhani, a Baha’i and women’s rights activist, is banned from receiving visits from her family and lawyer, the Committee for Human Rights Reporters (CHRR) disclosed this week. The visit by Dorsa’s lawyer to the judiciary in an attempt to secure visitation rights have not produced a result. The letters Dorsa’s family has sent to the judiciary and other officials of the Islamic Republic asking for a thorough investigation in her case have been ignored.

Dorsa was arrested in the early morning of March 7th in Sari, northern Iran. She was later transferred to Evin Prison in Tehran. Dorsa’s arrest came after a raid on Sobhani’s home on March 2th, when six security officials entered the home in the middle of the night, searched it and confiscated belongings. On March 4th, six officials returned to Sobhani’s home, and physically and verbally attacked her father. He was then arrested, blindfolded, bound and interrogated and threatened for hours.

Dorsa is a member of the 1 Million Signature Campaign that aims to abolish the legal inequality between men an women in Iran. Dorsa was prohibited from higher education because of her faith and she is one of the founders of the Committee for the Right to Education, which campaigns to lift all bans on education in Iran. Many members of the committee were arrested recently.