Yesterday in Iran, articles appeared in two government-run news outlets blaming the Baha’i “sect” for the recent unrest in Iran, and namely the widespread protests that took place across the country on the day of Ashura. The Javan Newspaper, affiliated with the Revolutionary Guards, claimed that the protesters in “Mousavi’s camp” tore Qur’ans during the protests, and that this is a practice that is common among the “Baha’i branch” of Mousavi’s staff. The semi-official Fars News Agency, which has recently seen an influx in its ranks of Basij members, claimed that “Baha’ism under the leadership of Zionism is behind the latest crisis and unrest”.

The following is a translation from Farsi of the relevant paragraphs of the Fars News Agency story:

Baha’ism, Led by Zionism, is Hatching Intrigue Behind the Scenes of the Recent Unrest

Ne’matollah Bavand, an expert and researcher in political affairs, proclaims that Baha’ism under the leadership of Zionism is behind the latest crisis and unrest.

Asserting that there is no doubt that Baha’ism, led by Zionism, is behind these disturbances, Bavand declared: “A female advisor to one of the candidates in the recent presidential election who wears a turban defended Baha’ism.” [Note: this is an implied and disparaging reference to Mehdi Karroubi].

He added: “How long will the government put up with these people? Haven’t the people been convinced yet of the nature of these hypocrisies?…An advisor to this man, who pretends to be a man of the cloth and who was once the head of parliament, has openly come out in defense of Baha’ism and is currently completing training with her husband in England to become spies.”

He emphasized, “The public sees these things and becomes upset. Isn’t there a way to take care of these problems? The key players leave Iran and people of lesser importance are tried, when it is the key players that need to be tried!…The enemy has come to seek revenge for all the victories [of the Islamic Republic] in the Mecca of Islam: Iran!”

Below in a translation from Farsi of the Javan newspaper story

Plot of Baha’ism in the Musawi Camp to Publicly Desecrate Religious Sanctities is Exposed

On ‘Ashura, the protectors of the Musawi camp did not have the decency to abstain from desecrating even the most sacred of religious sanctities. By tearing up copies of the Qur’an on Enqelab Street in front of those mourning the martyrdom of Imam Husayn, they have exposed another side of their contempt for religion.

Confirming the above report, an expert in matters of security told Javan Online: “The actions of the Musawi Camp in desecrating religious sanctities is nothing new. In fact, this began happening when a Baha’i branch in the staff of this candidate was formed during the days leading up to the election.”

He added: “This sect has long been planning to attack the religious sanctities of the people on ‘Ashura but since they can never secure the protection of the masses, they will never be succeed.”

Regarding the role of Baha’ism in desecrating religious sanctities, our expert in matters of security stated, “The path that the Musawi camp is taking in their attack on religious sanctities is the exact same path that the misguided Baha’i sect has been on for years.”

He added: “We have evidence connecting the sect of Baha’ism with the Musawi camp and the strategic partnership between these two groups.”