A couple of young Baha’is from Los Angeles recently created this video which includes a reading of Haleh Rouhi’s letter from prison. Rouhi was arrested in May 2006 in Shiraz along with other 53 Baha’is and charged with offenses relating to state security. These young people, along with Iranian Muslims, were engaged in a teaching project benefiting underprivileged children in Shiraz. In August 2007 three of the group, Raha Sabet, Haleh Rouhi and Sasan Taqva, were sentenced to four years in prison for “organizing illegal groups” and “propaganda on behalf of groups that are opposed to the Islamic regime”.

In her letter from prison, dated 21 May 2009, Rouhi shared the story of her arrest and imprisonment. The video-slideshow below includes a reading of the English translation of that letter.