The Egyptian paper Al Youm conducted an interview with A’adel Ramadan, a lawyer at the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, who represents the Baha’i families whose houses were burned down this March in the southern village of Shuraniya. The rioters, incited by anti-Baha’i calls on Egyptian TV, surrounded the area where the Baha’is lived in the village, and using gasoline and Molotov cocktails, burned five houses.

According to Ramadan, there have been many delays in the investigation of the crime, and the regime is yet to take any legal actions against the assailants. As we’ve previously reported, following the attack, 11 people were arrested, but later released from custody. The 40 Baha’i families that fled Sohag province following the attack are still unable to return to their homes because the regime hasn’t taken the necessary steps to ensure their safety, and the families are still living with relatives. On top of that, the victims haven’t received any compensations for their burned property. Ramadan criticized the regime for a lenient attitude toward perpetrators of sectarian violence and pledged to continue fighting for the rights of his clients.