This is a translation of an Arabic report that appeared on “Al Youm Al Sabi’i” (the 7th day):

Dr. Raouf Hindi, the official spokesman on behalf of the Bahai’is, confirmed that Dar Al-Mahfouzat (House of National Archives) in Egypt, specialized in issuing old official documents, refused to issue any official documents pertaining to Bahai’is and containing the sign (-) or “Bahai’i “ under the category of religion on the pretext of referring to the Islamic High Council first to check the possibility of issuing these documents.

About one month ago, when Raouf went to the House of National Archives to obtain the birth certificates of his son and daughter, Imad and Nancy Raouf Hindi, which contained the sign (-) following an administrative ruling to place the said sign under the category of religion, Hindi went to the House of National Archives once more to obtain the birth certificate of his oldest son Rami, to prove that he was a Bahai’i, and to issue a national identity card for him.

Hindi stated that Rami had an informal birth certificate that proved he was Bahai’i issued in 1987 and was valid until 2005. When he went to obtain the official electronic birth certificate, he was shocked to see an issued birth certificate stating that he was a Muslim, and considered it forgery of official documents. Hindi assured that with this obstinate behavior, Bahai’is are going back to square one, pointing out that his twin son and daughter have birth certificates containing the sign (-), while his oldest son has official document stating that he is a Muslim.