Many people have been coming to us with various concerns and frequent questions. We felt the urge to address some of such concerns:

What is the political “agenda” behind this campaign?
This campaign is far from political. Civil rights is a societal issue and not a political one. is an independent campaign for human rights and is no different from any other campaign whose aim is to secure the human rights of any other religious or ethnic minority. No post of ours implies political affiliation, as indeed there is no political affiliation to begin with. Defending equal human rights for all citizens is our responsibility as people.

Do you misuse facts or produce false information?
We work hard to provide facts that are either historically verified or that have been checked by reliable, often on-the-ground sources. We condemn any fact that is proof of discrimination against the Baha’i minority. Such facts are neither false nor misused. If we are uncertain about a specific incident, we will mention it, and if so we check the progress of the situation regorously. If there is any information here that is factually false do let us know and we will correct it.

We are Muslims, why can’t we focus on the human rights of other Muslims, like the ones in Palestine?
First, the denial of human rights to any person merely because of their ethnicity or religion is a grave crime and have historically proven to be extremely dangerous. It has resulted in genocide, centuries of isolation, severe discrimination, torture, harrassments, et al. How is this not a timely issue of concern? Baha’is are being denied their human rights primarily in Muslim countries, what does this say about us and our religion? We have a responsibility to ensure their human rights. This is what our Prophet (PBUH) would have wanted. We are not here to undermine any other crimes or conflicts such as the Palestinian one (which also includes discriminated religious minorities by the way.) However this campaign is about the human rights of the Baha’is and we cannot discuss all human rights here or only the human rights that are more “relevant” to us – if Baha’is are affected in our societies then we should and will continue to stand for them.

This campaign is a Zionist conspiracy. Baha’is are headquartered in Israel.
Firstly, this campaign is run primarily by Arabs and several Iranians. The founder is in Bahrain and the main editor is a Sudanese activist living in the UAE, with occassional contributions from Egypt, Iran, and elsewhere throughout the region. As mentioned earlier, it is run independently on a voluntary basis and there is no conspiracy. Secondly, the Baha’i World Centre ended up in Palestine due to the fact that Baha’u'llah was exiled there by the Ottoman Sultan. Baha’is were established there long before the formation of the state of Israel. Baha’is are not Israelis nor Zionists.