Human Rights Activists in Iran reported the arrest of Ali Ehsani, from the city of Semnan

In a recurring and disconcerting trend, regarding the conditions of the Baha’i community in the city of Semnan, another local Baha’i was arrested by the security forces

On 1/17/88 (April 6th, 09), Mr. Ali Ehsani, A Baha’i from city of Semnan referred to the city court, as summoned by the authorities to do so. The district attorney of the city read the charges against him and set bail requiring title of properties. Since Mr. Ehsani could not meet the bail, he was transferred to the Semnan central city prison.

Following recent acts against the Baha’i residents in Semnan, such as widespread attacks on many Baha’i residences, arrests, demolition and burning of the Bahá’í cemetery and attacking the Baha’i homes with flammable material, Mr. Ali Ehsani is yet another Baha’i who was recently arrested on Aril 6th.

According to the reports from the Baha’i Committee of Human Rights Activists of Iran, he was amongst twenty other Baha’i families in Semnan who’s homes were inspected by the Bureau of Intelligence and their belongings were confiscated on 9/25/87 (early January 09). On this same day, Mr. Ehsani’s business, a distribution of medical and dental supply store, was broken into by authorities without any search warrants, and everything, including, even the office desk and chairs were confiscated by the intelligence officers and were transferred to the Bureau of Intelligence. Since that date, his office has been illegally closed and sealed by authorities.

Two accusations conveyed to him verbally have been, propaganda against the regime and lack of labels on the store items.