Blogs and news outlets soon reacted to the news of the favourable verdict granted to the Baha’is of Egypt. Listed below are highlights of the coverage by Baha’is:

Photo credit: Dr. Basma Moussa

Wafa Hindi, aunt of the of the teenaged twins Nancy and Imad, hailed the verdict as a “victory for the values of citizenship against hatred and intolerance”.

It is a triumph for the true values inherent in all Egyptians against  lies and hypocrisy, and marks a bright record for the Egyptian judiciary.

Shady Samir was finally able to let out a sigh of relief:

Finally, I will have the right to live as a citizen in my country. This was a heavy nightmare that lasted for six long years. Congratulations to all the citizens of Egypt.

Dr. Basma Moussa, a prominent activist for Baha’i rights in Egypt, thanked all those who stood by the Baha’is during their ordeal:

I thank the lawyers Labib Moawad, Hossam Bahgat and Adel Ramadan from the “Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights” for their adoption of the Baha’i case. And I thank all human rights organizations, activists bloggers and writers who defended the civil rights of Baha’is in websites, and to all magazines and newspapers who gave Egyptian Baha’is a space to air their grievances and clear the bad image that was painted on Baha’is.

I also thank the court, headed by Judge Ibrahim Al Sagheer and Egypt’s just judicial system for establishing a ruling that  would pose as a new beginning for social justice. The ruling also affirmed what the Baha’is have stated three years ago: that the case is concerned with granting Baha’is equal civil rights, and is not a demand for recognition of the Baha’i Faith.

Finally, thanks are also due to the Ministry of Interior for its decision not to appeal the verdict, and we now request it implement the ruling, not only for those involved in the case, but for all of Egypt’s Baha’is.

Baha’is worldwide shared the joy of their Egyptian brothers and sisters, and in a statement to the Baha’i World News Service, Bani Dugal (representative of the Baha’i International Community to the United Nations) said:

“We are pleased that the court has finally put this matter to rest, removing any possible excuse that would prevent the government from issuing official documents to Egyptian Baha’is,”

“Our expectation now is that the government will move swiftly to bring this ruling into practice and, at long last, grant Baha’is the essential right that all citizens have of possessing proper documents.”

In the press release by the Egyptian Initiaive for Personal Rights, Executive Director Hossam Bahgat explains that the ruling’s significance extends beyond the Baha’is of Egypt:

The significance of today’s decision goes far beyond the direct remedy it provides for hundreds of Baha’i Egyptians who have been the immediate victims of this arbitrary and discriminatory government policy. This final ruling is a major victory for all Egyptians fighting for a state where all citizens must enjoy equal rights regardless of their religion or belief.