Scholars have contributed greatly towards spreading false claims against the Baha’i Faith, and inciting the public against Baha’is. Randa Gamal, a Baha’i from Egypt, addressed the following letter to Muslim scholars. We translated and published it below, with her permission:

If you refuse to accept my religion, then you are within your rights
But don’t distort its teachings
And if you choose not to believe in it, don’t add words that alter it
To make it appear revolting
The Baha’i Faith does not permit incest
Yet you claim it does. On what grounds are you basing these claims?
We proclaim that Baha’u'llah was a Messenger of God – not a Deity. So how are we polytheists?
On what grounds are you basing these claims?
We affirm that Muhammad was a Prophet
But believe that divine revelation hasn’t ceased and that God will continue to send Messnegers every 1,000 years
We have our own prayers
We have our own ritual fasts
They may differ from yours
Are the rituals of Jews, Christians and Muslims similar? Aren’t they different?
We have our own Qiblah [direction faced when performing prayers]
Is the Qiblah of all religions one?
Whether you describe it as a religion or an ideology
We did not enforce it on you and respect your opinions and freedom
We object to your perverting of the teachings of our Faith
People now believe us to be incestous
Infidels, who know not God
And that is due to the allegations you make against us