Even with the increasing international attention to the plight of Iran’s Baha’is, and growing efforts to pressure the government to cease its persecution, violations against the Baha’is of Iran continue unabated.

Human Rights Activists in Iran has provided the following reports:

  • On the 9th of February, authorities raided the home of Tahereh Taqi-Zadeh and confiscated personal belongings and religious books. Almost a week later on the 15th of of February, Tahereh was arrested without charge
  • Also on the 15th of February, the Baha’i cemetery in Semnan was vandalized

Text denounces Baha’is as infidels

In the weeks leading up to the announcement of the trial of the 7 Baha’i leaders, the Iranian government has been utilizing media outlets (and clerics) to spread false claims and incite hatred against the Baha’is. And it’s only been months since the launching of a petition calling on a ban on Baha’i institutions in Iran.

But it’s heartening to see that Iranian citizens refuse to believe these baseless accusations. The “We are Ashmaed” petition has been signed by hundreds, and tens more add their signatures everyday. Kurdish writers and journalists have issued a statement in support of the Baha’i minority, and even Bani-Sadr, the first President of the Islamic Republic, has spoken up.