At the Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights, we found the open letter by a group of Iranian intellectuals and activists to be truly inspirational. Change and progress cannot be brought about until mistakes of the past are acknowledged and admitted, and a resolve is made for them to never be repeated.

We’re hopeful that this initiative will give rise to many other movements, within and outside Iran, and below is our message to all current and future signatories of the open letter:

We are proud that after a long period of silence, voices of protest are now being registered.

We are proud that the voices of protest are becoming louder and more frequent.

We are proud that in the face of the increasing attacks against the Baha’is of Iran, the intellectual community refuses to be silent.

We are proud that the legal status the brutal murder of Baha’is has gained is now being questioned and denounced.

We are proud that a group of intellectuals seeks to correct the grave mistakes of the past, and prove that coercion against Baha’is is unjustified.

We are proud of the citizens, both within and outside Iran, who stand in solidarity with Baha’i youth who are denied education.

We are proud of your speaking out against the painful reality in Iran

We are proud of your refusal to remain silent when confronted with the injustice, marginalization and atrocities against your fellow countrymen

We are proud of your courage, and we are proud of your integrity

As members of the Muslim Network for Baha’i Rights, we are proud of our efforts to raise awareness on the persecution of Baha’is in the region, yet humbly acknowledge that they pale in comparison to the horror, pain and anguish adherents of the Baha’i Faith have had to endure for decades.

But we are resolved to do everything within our means to ensure the establishment of justice, and the protection of current and future generations of Baha’is.