We are pleased to announce that today, the challenge launched by a lawyer against the January 29 ruling has been rejected!

For 5 years, Raouf Hindi has fought for the right to obtain birth certificates for his twins teenaged twins Imad and Nancy, but despite the landmark ruling last year, implementation was stalled by the challenges and appeals launched.

However, it is still early to declare a full victory for Egypt’s Baha’is. In two days, the Supreme Administrative Court is set to issue a final verdict on the appeal, but it is likely that that ruling will be in favour of Egypt’s Baha’is as well, as the appeal has no legal standing.

The lack of ID cards has rendered Egypt’s Baha’is has rendered them virtually non-existent in the eyes of the state, and we share with them their joy over this ruling, and join them in praying and hoping for a brighter future to come.