Regular readers of our website will note that in the past several months, our website has suffered from downtimes that would extend to hours (and sometimes even days) on end. We wish to thank all our readers for their patience, especially those of you who have written to express concern.

The frequent downtimes were occassioned by our moving to a hosting service that proved itself incapable of securing and maintaining our work. A lot of our resources had to be diverted towards ensuring the website is up and replacing lost content, instead of posting new content.

However, we are pleased to announce that this nightmare is finally over with and we will be finally resume normal activity.

In less than 2 weeks, Egypt’s courts are set to issue final verdicts on the appeals and challenges launched against last year’s ruling that granted Egyptian Baha’is the right to obtain official documents with a “-” listed under the religion field.

Our prayers are with Egypt’s Baha’i community during this critical time, and we will keep you informed about the verdicts.