From the desecration of their cemetery, to a campaign of arrests, Baha’is in the city of Qaemshahr have been subjected to an ongoing campaign of persecution. Previous reports have indicated that some of these occurrences were instigated by the chief of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Mazandaran province.

HRA Iran now reports that three Baha’i residences were searched and several items were confiscated from them.

The agents from the Ministry of Intelligence stormed the residences of three Baha’i families in the town of Qaemshahr, and conducted a search of homes and summoned the members of the household to the Bureau of the Ministry of Intelligence.

On 24 December 2008, security agents went to the homes of three Baha’i families in Qaemshahr and conducted a thorough search of the residences and took away books, notes and personal computers.

The Agents also asked Mr. Bijan Nawkhah, Mr. Sohrab Loghmani, Mrs. Fanaian, Amelia Fanaian and Anisa Fadaian to present themselves to the office of the Intelligence Ministry at once.

Further details about the manner this encounter was conducted and reasons behind it are not available at this time.