According to a report by Human Rights Activists in Iran, agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided several households in the city of Semnan, and confiscated several personal belongings of the families.

Agents of the the Ministry of Intelligence raided Baha’i Households in Semnan in an Expanded Operation.

At 6:00 A.M. yesterday, December 14, 2008, The agents of the Ministry of Intelligence raided Baha’i households in Semnan in an expanded and simultaneous operation.
Some families victimized include Porhosseini, Tebyanian, Hedayati and Khanjani. As reported by our observers this operation was without any further warning and the early raid intended to create fear and confusion among the families. These agents searched the houses, confiscated paperwork and documents and personal belongings of family members.

The arrest of one Baha’i is confirmed and no further news is available about this victim.

Trend news agency adds that the number of houses raided was 12, and that this is the first incident in which Baha’is in Semnan have underwent such a massive search.

Update: Iran Press Watch provided additional details on the Semnan raids:
Iran Press Watch has learned through its contacts in Iran that indeed on 15 December 2008 agents of the Ministry of Intelligence launched a series of raids of the homes of some 13 Baha’is in Semnan, located in the northern Iran. These raids were followed with a second wave of attack during which the agents cut off the phone lines and ordered the Baha’is not to call anyone about their raids.

During these raids, all Baha’i books, pictures, laptops, computer equipments, satellite dishes and transmitters, and such, were confiscated. Also Mrs. Sahba Fana’ian was arrested and her whereabouts remains unknown.