Once again, Egypt’s “Al Masry Al Youm” features an article on the Baha’i community, this time recounting the painful story of Hana and Noor, the two Baha’i children who were denied access to an education due to their lack of a computerized birth certificate.

The article is infused with satire, and ends with a humourous quip and an appeal to Egypt’s Minister of Education to end the madness at one.

While originally posted in Arabic, an English translation is available as well.

Does any of all these employees feel the crime they committed against two innocent children through all these complications and problems that have nothing to do with any religion, including Islam?

What this man asked for was simple and possible, namely being exempted – temporarily – from submitting an electronic birth certificate and being allowed to replace it with a paper one.

Let us wait for the day in which the Egyptian administrative bodies will implement the judicial ruling that Bahais should have a slash written on their ID card instead of their religion. Otherwise, shall we wait for the day when Obama will slam us in a report in which he accuses us of religious discrimination?

To Minister Yousry el-Gamal: stop this farce immediately!