On 31 January 2008, the security authorities in Hamadan, Iran, went to the homes of Kamran Aqdasi and his mother and searched both residences for Baha’i materials. They confiscated all Baha’i-related documents and books. Mr. Aqdasi was arrested and imprisoned for eight days, but then released and allowed to return home pending his trial. On 3 April 2008, he was sentenced to a year in prison.

Mr. Aqdasi appealed this verdict to a higher court, but on 21 April the ruling of the previous court was upheld. The verdict was then appealed to Iran’s Supreme Court and the case was fast-tracked. However later the file was put on back-logs and will not come up for a minimum of six months. He began serving his sentence on June 19.

You may read the documents in Persian here.