On Wednesday morning, May 14th 2008, six Baha’i leaders were arrested in Iran, comparable to the “episodes in the 1980s when scores of Iranian Bahá’í leaders were summarily rounded up and killed.” (More on this here.)

“All seven Bahá’ís who form a group that sees to the needs of the Bahá’í community of Iran have been arrested, six of them in early-morning raids on 14 May 2008 at their homes in Tehran.”

We as Muslims strongly condemn this grave injustice which continues to occur in our name. Our religion does not promote these crimes nor does it justify it, and it is imperative that we stand up against this and voice our regret and concerns as well as share our support with the harmless Baha’i minority who have suffered such abuse for decades in Iran with their situation only worsening. To our Baha’i friends, our unconditional support, heart, and thoughts remains with you.

You may read some comments concerning this here. Please voice your support.