FrontPage Mag, admittedly not the best source to quote or rely on for objective news, has included this interview with Iranian activist Amil Imani who discusses the consistent abuse of Baha’i rights in Iran:

It is the modus operandi of radical Muslims to write graffiti on the walls of synagogues, churches, cemeteries and other holy places of non-Muslims. The plights of Baha’is are no exception. Here are some examples of graffiti in Abadeh, a small town in Iran: ‘Death to Baha’is, the mercenaries of America and England,’ ‘Hezbollah despises the Baha’is,’ ‘Baha’is – mercenaries of Israel’ and ‘Baha’is are unclean’ – phrases that relate directly to government propaganda that has been disseminated in the Islamic Republic news media in recent years,” said Ms. Diane Ala’i, who represents the Baha’i International Community to the UN in Geneva.

We also feel for our long-suffering Baha’i compatriots in Iran. They have been savagely brutalized for over a century and a half through the demonic machinations of the despicable mullahs. They continue to pay dearly for their audacity to believe in human dignity.

Read the full article here.

We do not agree with Mr. Imani’s approach throughout this article. But we as Muslims also do not deny what he says concerning the Baha’i minority in Iran. You can find examples of such abuse here.

It’s worth noting however (and this is not in reference to the above article) that it’s not exactly right to portray such abuse as if the entire Muslim communities are guilty of committing them, or that our religion justifies it. In this network you will find a growing number of Muslims who are doing their best in exposing Baha’i human rights abuses. We do this despite being staunch supporters of our own faith, Islam, which teaches us love and tolerance, not hatred and competition. Fighting for Baha’i human rights in the name of Islam reflects positively on our own faith and societies, and for this reason we will always support our Baha’i friends across this region and beyond, in an effort to promote peace, tolerance, and diversity.

It does absolutely no harm for any government to recognize and respect the Baha’i Faith, whose own members are very respectful and defensive of our religion. The government of Iran in particular needs to cease its systematic hatred and abuse of its Baha’i minority, who despite what they have been through, still show nothing other than patience, respect and forgiveness.