Earlier today it was learned that Feizollah Roshan [Faydu‘llah Rushan] was imprisoned yesterday in the town of Sari, Iran.

He was arrested last November and subject to intense interrogations spanning two months. Eventually, in spring of 2007, he was freed on bail, but had received a sentence of 1-year imprisonment and 4-years of exile.

The charges, as stated in court documents and the final verdict pronounced against him were: Teaching the Baha’i Faith, being a member of and serving the Baha’i community, and assisting Baha’i youth. The Islamic Republic of Iran considers all these activities to be threats against national security.

The verdict was appealed to higher authorities, but last month, October 2007, the harsh sentence was reconfirmed.

On Thursday, 15 November 2007, the prosecuting attorney advised Mr. Roshan that he would be taken to prison on Sunday, 18 November, to commence his 1-year sentence. Yesterday, he reported for his prison term.

We appeal to all persons of good-will across the world to:
(1) Register in strongest voice the injustice of the Iranian authorities towards Mr. Roshan and the Baha‘i community of that country, and
(2) Pray for several minutes that Almighty would keep Mr. Roshan safe and protected through this unwarranted ordeal.