We like to invite our readers to share ideas about initiatives that will bring about improvements to quality of life and establishment of peace, happiness and prosperity across the Middle East.

There is no other region on earth that has the richness of religious heritage and God-given natural resources as the Middle East. Yet, there is no other region that suffers as broadly and deeply through everyday turmoils and sufferings. What can Middle East do to change its fortunes? What are the reforms that would bring about peace and brotherhood to this region? How can they be implemented?

Some time ago, we read Abdu’l-Baha’s “Tablet of Divine Civilization” [Risalih Madaniyyih], and were deeply impressed with his vision of grass-root reforms and improvements that can be brought about for the betterment of Iran. Are those ideas still applicable? If so, how? What principles should be considered in their implementation?

We are not looking for elaborate papers, but short essays that point to things that can be done that would bring about better life in the Middle East. Given our space limitation, we prefer short commentaries (say, one page). Please send them to [email protected]

We hope to publish as many of them as we can. We reserve the right to edit submissions for style.

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