From a mailing list:

The government officials in the city of Najafabad , in Isfahan have allocated a certain area on the mountains for Baha’is to bury their dead, in the middle of no where, of which Baha’is are still thankful. Very recently, as you know, this site allocated to the Baha’I people had been desecrated or violated by the fanatic clergy.

I have attached a few photos to see the level of destruction to this area. This cemetery is in the middle of the desert and mountains and the land is very hard and rocky, its access very difficult to get to. I remember when the Bahai’s wanted to dig and bury their dead, they had to do so by digging with their hands, spades, picks and shovels after which their hands were covered with blisters for the hard work.

It is very sad that some people in the close vicinity have machines like bulldozers and/or bobcats but refuse to help or assist Baha’I friends

The Baha’is have had ready made coffins on site to bury loved ones if/when they pass away and very recently these clergy Muslims have gone around and filled these coffins with heavy rocks and dirt which the Baha’i friends have to empty out again by hand. They have also blocked entry to the cemetery with large rocks and dirt so as to prevent Baha’i entry. Now all the Bahai’s have to clear this area again by hand.

It is only through the love of Baha’u'llah that help these people sustain all these hardships with sacrifice and devotion.

Friends, can you please send this email to anyone you know so the world sees first hand what these cruel people do. I think with this act we can help our Baha’i friends in Iran , everyone around the world must know about what these Baha’i friends go through and sustain in Iran.