As has been previously reported on this site, the Iranian clerical establishment has persistently carried out a vicious and sustained campaign of misinformation about the Baha’i Faith and its teachings. Their aim is to provoke a negative opinion among the Iranian population, particularly the uneducated and naïve masses, against the Baha’is and prepare the means for a widespread genocide of Iran’s Baha’i community. One of the elements of this vilification campaign is the periodic distribution of posters filled with lies and misrepresentations, aimed at brainwashing the unsuspected population against Baha’is.

The latest act in this campaign against the Baha’is was a poster distributed recently in the town of Karaj, outside of Tehran. An image of this poster is shared below and a translation follows, High Quality Replica Tag Heuer offered as an example of such mischaracterizations by the clergy in Iran. In a near future we will offer blog postings exposing lies and false descriptions in this distributed poster, and present the true nature of the Baha’i teachings.

And although the clergies have titled this document as “True Face of Baha’is”, this is pure deception and future blogs will explain the nature of Baha’i teachings and laws.

Translation of the above-mentioned poster against the Baha’is follows:

“True Face of Baha’is”

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has stated: “These people are considered religious heretics and they must be avoided. No business transaction or marriage is permitted with them.”

Since the foundational belief of Baha’is centers on misleading Muslims from the straight path and creating division among them, and Baha’is greatly insist in presenting whatever is accepted in Islam as unworthy and according to Baha’u'llah’s teachings all the sayings of God and the Prophet are completely reversed. In truth, in his books Baha’u'llah has brought a series of teachings all void, devoid of meaning, frivolous, bereft of literary value, and filled with errors – and he has presented these as the principles of the Baha’i faith. So that the reader will be better informed some of them will be discussed below:

1. No one should criticize monarchs or governments of their time and a Baha’i is not permitted to interfere in political matters, otherwise he will be expelled from the Baha’i community. Tag Heuer Carrera Replica (This holds true even if a tyrannical monarch is the seat of authority. It is interesting that the Universal House of Justice constantly encourages Iranian to interfere in political matters and to uproot the Islamic Republic, and the very foundational teachings of Baha’is is political in nature and they have no thoughts other than elimination of Islam.)

2. Baha’u'llah presented himself as effulgent of God and claimed that God has entrusted him with creation and the order of universe.

3. With appearance of the Bab and Baha’u'llah, the Islamic shari’h [jurisprudence] was annulled and the period of Muhammad’s prophethood came to an end.

4. Each year has 19 months, and each month consists of 19 days. The period of Fasting is 19 days and occurs in the month before Naw-Ruz.

5. Pilgrimage is to the house of Ali-Muhammad Bab in Shiraz or the house of Mirza Husayn-Ali Baha in Iraq, and a specific time has not been designated for it.

6. One may marry one’s daughter, sister or other family members. The sole exception is marrying one’s step-mother. This act takes place under the supervision of the Universal House of Justice. (The enormous building of the House of Justice was constructed at the cost of $250 million dollars and direct support of Yitzhak Rabin, the former prime minister of the Zionist regime, and under the care of two Iranian Baha’i escapees named engineer Hossein Amanat and Dr. Fariborz Sahba.)

7. All things are clean and nothing is unclean, Tag Heuer Replica not even urine, refuse, dog, pig or semen.

8. Consent of parents of the bride and groom is unnecessary for marriage.

9. Obligatory prayers should not be offered in congregation, except the Prayer for the Dead. Baha’is have three obligatory prayers. First one is the long obligatory prayer which is to be offered once in every 24 hours and has completely invented genuflections and verses. The second obligatory prayer is the medium one, offered in the morning, noon and night. The third is the short obligatory prayer and offered at the time of sunset. Of course reciting one of these three prayers will suffice. And if one were to chose the short obligatory prayer it is almost like not praying at all. The Qiblih [the Point of Adoration] is the burial spot of Mirza Husayn-Ali Baha in Akka, Israel.

10. If one does not have water for ablution, then he may repeat five times, “In the Name of God, the Most Pure, the Most Pure.”

11. The age of maturity of girls and boys is 15.

End of Translation.


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