A blog posting in Persian was brought to our attention and we decided to share a summary translation for the benefit of our readers. The original is found here: http://ostade-azal.blogfa.com/post-45.aspx

Summary translation:

The recent reception given to the President of Iran, Mahmud Ahmadinejad, during his visit to Columbia University was rather unfortunate. The University President and others spoke disparagingly when introducing Mr. Ahmadinejad and during the follow-up Q&A session. This was neither worthy of the University, nor an appropriate conduct to receive a guest – whoever he may be.

The former President of Iran, Rafsanjani, later reportedly remarked, “Insulting Ahmadinejad is a sign of America’s moral bankruptcy.” The Speaker of Iran’s Parliament noted, “We take heart in Ahmadinejad’s brave stance that despite all insults, he courageously stood his ground and spoke his views.” Members of the Parliament considered the abusive remarks by Americans towards Ahmadinejad as evidence of Iran’s greatness and distinction, and they commented that this episode clearly demonstrated America’s defeat. They added, “This confrontation between America and Ahmadinejad is a mark of Iran’s victory and superiority.”

It is also sad to note that Iranian newspapers, encouraged by authorities, are always filled with most offensive slanders and lies against the Bab, Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Baha and Baha’i community in general.

Given these facts, then let us consider the following:

If America insulting Ahmadinejad is a sign of America’s moral bankruptcy, then Iran insulting Baha’is is a sign of Iran’s moral bankruptcy.

If Mr. Ahmadinejad had the right to stand his ground and speak his views, then Baha’is also have the right to stand their ground and speak their views.

If Ahmadinejad is applauded for being brave to speak in the face of hostilities, then Baha’is must also be applauded for bravely speaking out in the face of much greater hostilities – hostilities that are delivered by bullets and tortures.

If Ahmadinejad’s reaction to his reception at the University was evidence of Iran’s greatness and distinction, then fortitude of Baha’is of Iran to withstand the onslaught of relentless abuse and persecution is a brilliant evidence of their greatness and distinction.

If Ahmadinejad enjoyed careful protection of bodyguards and security personnel during his visit to America, let us remember the helpless Baha’is of Iran who have no protection either from bodyguards or from the law of the land – save God Himself.

Mr. Ahmadinejad was not harmed in the least during his visit to America, but Iranian Baha’is have been the target of every form of persecution, repression and mass-killing in the past 160 years.

We hope that these comments will find a hearing ear in Iran and for authorities in that country to recognize that the world is watching their maltreatment of Baha’is and that history will remember.