U.S congressman Mark Steven Kirk writes on his website (excerpt from the longer version):

As the representative in Congress for the Baha’i Temple of North America, I know that the Baha’i faith preaches peace, tolerance and diversity of thought—values we embrace on the North Shore. But in an oppressive Islamic dictatorship like Iran, Baha’i values pose a clear and present danger to the regime.

In March of 2006, just a few months into Ahmadinejad’s presidency, the Command Headquarters of Iran’s Armed Forces ordered the police, Revolutionary Guard and Ministry of Information to identify all Baha’is and collect information on their activities.

Two months later, the Iranian Association of Chambers of Commerce began compiling a list of Baha’is serving in every business sector.


When President Ahmadinejad rose to address the student body at Columbia—a school extolling the virtues of tolerance and diversity—why was there no mention of Baha’i student expulsion in Iran?

This is a defining moment for our new century. The lessons of the 20th century gave us all the warning signs of what will come if we do not speak out. The Iranian President has spoken – will we?

“Then they came for…” the Baha’is — we pray the poem ends differently this time.

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Dear friends, especially fellow Muslims, today it’s the Baha’is, tomorrow it might be us. We must stand for others if we want and expect others to stand with us. Please support our Baha’i brethren by campaigning for their human rights, especially in Iran and Egypt.

Hat tip: Baha’i Faith in Egypt