“So reads the graffitti in Abadeh, Iran,” writes Omid of Mideast Youth.

Quoting the post:

Well mr Hizbollah, we are awake too and we don’t hate anybody. As The Party of God, I would think you would have learned that hating others is removed from that which God desires. Have you learned that lesson yet? Clearly not.

As Hizbollah was an Iranian creation it is only natural that it would come across or know about the Baha’is. Rest assured, we are the least of your current problems.

If Iran elected Hassan Nasrullah as its president, which wouldn’t surprise me, we Baha’is would still not foster any kind of sedition.

This photo, along with others here, detail a yet another page in the volume of abuse against an innocent people.

Frankly, these incidents just go to show that fanatical and fundamental ideologies, which seem to be so motivational in Iran, are simply hollow and self destructive for the leadership.