Below we share 2 articles regarding Baha’is in Iran.

The first article concerns the recent destruction of a Baha’i cemetery in Najafabad, Iran. News of this unfortunate and disturbing development was first reported in the following article by Iran Press News on the 15th of September:

تخریب قبرستان بهائیان در نجف آباد اصفهان

A large crowd attacked the Baha’i cemetery of Najafabad and completely destroyed it. You may read the article in Farsi here [word document.]

The second article is a piece on the principle of toleration in Islam. It is titled, “From Moorish Qurtuba to the Baha’is of Iran: Islamic Toleration and Coercion.” The author argues that the persecution of the Baha’is in Iran is in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) and the Holy Qur’án. He explains how Qurtuba and Muslim Spain can be held up as an example of peaceful coexistence and mutual cooperation.

English version [word doc]
Farsi version [word doc]

The Baha’is of Iran blog has more information about the newly demolished Baha’i cemetery:

The Iranian authorities ordered the demolition of another Baha’i cemetery in Iran, this time in Najaf-Abad (Esfahan). This despicable and notorious action has brought extensive grief and unhappiness to Baha’i families who have lost their loved ones, especially those who have lost their relatives recently. This is the second Baha’i cemetery that has been demolished in the course of only a few short months. Clearly, this is proof of systematic and planned persecution towards members of the Baha’i Faith in Iran.

It is truly heart breaking to see children shedding tears. Was it not enough that they grieve the loss of their parents? Now they lament the destruction of their resting place.

We echo these thoughts. This is a truly shameful act.

For relevant information, you may refer to the Association for Baha’i Studies in Persian (ABSP).