Today, Persian blogger Kamangir includes this unfortunate news (from the Iranian newspaper Kayhan) in his blog:

They Must be Expelled

Radio Farda has quoted the International Bahai’i Society that “Government of Iran has expelled 128 Bahai’i students from universities”. Although, this news is not verified by the administration, and we don’t know whether or not it is correct, the expulsion of those who have openly confessed to their membership in the Zionist party of Bai’ism is the indisputable responsibility of the higher education administration. If they have failed in fulfilling this national and religious duty, they should be blamed.

It is absolutely ridiculous to see state-sponsored propaganda continue to justify and deny some of the country’s biggest human rights violations. We hope that soon the Iranian government will wake up to the realization that Baha’is are NOT affiliated with any Zionist conspiracy and are indeed just citizens in dire need of basic rights, at the very least the rights to employment and education.