Baha’is in Iran continue to suffer from many human rights abuses, and the faith is apparently considered “a misleading and wayward sect” by the Iranian government.

Throughout history, Iranian Baha’is have not only faced consistent and humiliating abuses, but were also denied their right to live as many of them have been executed.

A ‘Minorities At Risk‘ study have provided a 10-year chronology of the Baha’is in Iran, which is worth looking at if you are interested in Baha’i human rights abuses within Iran. Here are some highlights:

Mar 18, 1992 – A leading Iranian Baha’i, Bahman Samandari, is executed after having been arrested and held without charge. Iranian officials later claim he was a Zionist spy.

Dec 24, 1993 – During a Friday sermon, an Iranian ayatollah told worshipers that a senior nineteenth century Shi’i cleric considered killing Baha’is part of his day to day activities.

Jan 1994 - The 12-year-old daughter of a Baha’i religious leader is kidnapped and tortured in what is believed to be a government-sanctioned instance of religious persecution.

Feb 25, 1997 - A man was sentenced to death because he is a Baha’i.

Oct 29, 1998 - Last month, Iran closed a covert university run by the Baha’is and arrested dozens of people. The university had been created when Baha’is were banned from Iranian universities.

We sincerely hope to see the day when our Baha’i friends will be able to live in peace like they deserve to.