Marco, a Portuguese Baha’i whose post was first discussed here, has written a highly informative response to an Egyptian blogger who accused the Baha’is of being Zionist or foreign agents, and while the post is a year old the argument still applies today as many Muslims continue to wrongly associate the Baha’i faith with Zionism (read this post concerning that, as well.)


Baha’is have always been persecuted under totalitarian governments; such governments fear religious diversity (or religion!). Best AAA Breitling Replica It happened here in Portugal, before the 1974 revolution, it happened in the former Soviet Union, in Nazi Germany and elsewhere.

Pakistan and Bangla Desh may be the few Muslim countries where Baha’is enjoy more freedom of belief. In all other Muslim countries Baha’is face harassment and persecutions, Best High Quality Replica Breitling Watches For Sales based on religious prejudice and anti-Israeli propaganda. Unfortunately, few Muslims have ever investigated what is the Baha’i Faith.

Our plan is to translate such posts into Arabic so that they can reach the right audience, Fake Breitling Watch and we will publish them here as well as on Inter-Iman where Arab Baha’is discuss persecution in countries like Egypt.