Omid, a Baha’i whose family is from Yazd, recently posted this on Mideast Youth:

The destruction of yet another Baha’i holy place in Iran has prompted an outcry by Baha’is around the world, who see that the Iranian Government is persisting in a campaign of persecution so extreme in the fanaticism driving it that it even jeopardizes invaluable assets of the country’s cultural heritage. The Baha’i community of Iran, with about 300,000 members, is that country’s largest religious minority.

With some seven million members in more than 180 countries worldwide, the Baha’i Faith is an independent religion that promotes such teachings as the oneness of humanity, the underlying unity of the religions, the equality of women and men, and the need to eliminate prejudice.

Since 1979, despite their peaceful character, more than 200 Iranian Baha’is have been killed, and hundreds more have been tortured and imprisoned. Tens of thousands have lost jobs, pensions, and access to education, all solely because the clerics who rule Iran declare them heretics.

“The hatred of the extremist mullahs for the Baha’is is such that they, like the Taliban of Afghanistan who destroyed the towering Buddhist sculptures at Bamiyan, intend not only to eradicate the religion, but even to erase all traces of its existence in the country of its birth…”

He links us to a related article: Baha’is decry cultural cleansing in Iran

This is truly sad and Iranians of all backgrounds should strongly condemn this behavior in an attempt to stop it from happening again. We hope that more Iranian Muslims will soon realize that we must all gain the courage required to stand up against Iran’s consistent abuse of Baha’i human rights and property.